Featured Inventions for the GHIC

7485Restore hearing and balance using an implantable magnetic arrayGeorgia Tech
E-144-2012-0Treat Gaucher Disease, an inherited metabolic disorder, using glucocerebrosidase non-inhibitory chaperonesNCATS
E-175-2017Diagnose cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary diseases using non-invasive, virtual biopsyNHLBI
E-202-2018Stop acute respiratory infections using RostafuroxinNIAID
E-190-2015Diagnose autoimmune and infectious diseases using rapid point-of-care, antibody-based testingNIDCR
US-2020384292-A1Treat depression using non-invasive ultrasonic neuromodulationStanford University
US-2021113841-A1Diagnose and treat PTSD and anxiety using brain computer interfaceUC Los Angeles
US-2021101924-A1Vaccinate against cancer and mental illnesses using STING agonistsUC San Diego
US-10941194-B2Diagnose autism spectrum disorders early in life using a blood test for phosphorylated signaling molecules​UC San Francisco
US-20190159715-A1Enhance cognitive fitness using video games and virtual reality​UC San Francisco
3201Diagnose and treat juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases using inhibitors of secreted DEKUniversity of Michigan
US-10058552-B2Treat depression and anxiety using a brain health supplementUniversity of Utah
US-2020017891-A1Reduce fossil fuel use and improve mental health using microbiomesUniversity of Wisconsin
​US-2020392560-A1​Diagnose anxiety and depression using blood test for DNA methylationUniversity of Wisconsin, Emory University
US-10589096-B2Enhance cognitive processing using multifocal direct brain stimulationUT Health Science Center at Houston
T016480Reduce allergies by using breast milk-derived growth factors in infantsWashington University in St. Louis


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