Congratulations to the GHIC Winners!

WinnerInnovation OverviewAward
Appleseed EducationScaling up African nursing schools with an EdTech platformInnovation Excellence Award
Baiya PhytopharmStrengthening health security for all people using plant-based molecular farming to develop therapeutics and vaccinesInnovation Excellence Award
Couplet CareOffering a postnatal unit medical infant bassinet and other tools for improving patient safety and clinical efficiency for newborns and parents **together**Innovation Excellence Award
ImmersiveTouchImproving patient outcomes, reducing complications, and eliminating variability using an AI Digital Surgery PlatformMajor League Pitch Competition Winner
InnovoTEXDeveloping a targeted platform technology for cancer therapeuticsInnovation Excellence Award
Jeeva InformaticsMaking innovation accessible to patients, regardless of their location, by optimizing and decentralizing clinical researchInnovation Excellence Award
Level42 AIDeciphering the body's inner symphony for early disease detection using AIInnovation Excellence Award
MARKBOTIXDeveloping assistive robotics to revolutionize independent living and accessibilityInnovation Excellence Award
MindCo HealthDelivering effective and accessible mental health programs combining virtual reality, mindfulness, and coaching in an all-in-one kitInnovation Excellence Award
NeoPrediXDeveloping decision support tools with maternal, neonatal and perinatal screening platforms to evaluate, optimize and personalize medical strategies in pediatricsInnovation Excellence Award
OROX BioSciencesFacilitating the rapid discovery and development of novel small molecule medicationsInnovation Excellence Award
PigPug HealthUnlocking the potential of children with ADHD and autism through neurofeedback and AIInnovation Excellence Award
Sert-A-PlugRevolutionizing earplug safety in the industrial workforceInnovation Excellence Award
SOMNOTECHBoosting your brain using a device for targeted deep sleep enhancing stimulationInnovation Excellence Award
True Bearing DiagnosticsDeveloping biomarker panels for early detection of cardiovascular disease, appendicitis, pneumonia/respiratory infections, and pandemics such as COVID-19Major League Pitch Competition Runner-Up
WhisperSomDiagnosing, treating and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment for both obstructive and central sleep apnea with a non-invasive medical deviceInnovation Excellence Award


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